Prevention of Sexual Harassment for College Students

This course is for college students. Sexual harassment is a pervasive problem in Indian society, with college campuses being one of the key locations where such incidents occur. It is crucial for college students to understand the various forms of sexual harassment and how to recognize, report, and prevent such incidents from occurring.

According to a survey conducted by the Indian government in 2017, over 30% of women in India have experienced sexual harassment in some form or the other, and this problem is especially prevalent on college campuses. The actual numbers are likely much higher, as many cases of sexual harassment go unreported due to social stigma, fear of retaliation, and a lack of trust in the justice system.

College students and young adults are particularly vulnerable to sexual harassment due to their age, gender, and social context. Women are more likely to be victims of sexual harassment, but men can also be targeted. Sexual harassment can take various forms, including unwanted touching, verbal harassment, stalking, and sexual assault.

Teaching about the prevention of sexual harassment to college students in India will help to create awareness about this issue and empower students to take action against sexual harassment. It can also help to create a safer and more inclusive campus environment, where everyone feels respected and valued. By promoting a culture of consent and respect, we work towards building a society where sexual harassment is not tolerated.

In our classes on Preventing Sexual harassment, we enable students to 

  1. Understanding sexual harassment including verbal, physical, and visual harassment.
  2. Understanding appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.
  3. The impact of sexual harassment on individuals, the workplace, and society as a whole.
  4. Understanding The legal framework surrounding sexual harassment, including the laws that protect individuals from sexual harassment.
  5. Understanding how to report incidents of sexual harassment and the potential consequences for the harasser.
  6. Understanding how to take action to step in and prevent sexual harassment when witnessing the same while ensuring everyone’s safety.

Each lesson is designed meticulously with the help of global experts, our classes are not only age-appropriate but also culturally appropriate according to the region and state you are watching the classes in. We also customize the classes to fit the requirements of each school.

We are ZatchUp and we are dedicated to empowering your child to make healthy and safe life choices.

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